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 Dettaglio Carne e salumi

Systems and machines


For cooked hams

For marinates

Tenderizing systems


Combined with machine

Brine preparation systems


Brine Mix


Single element


Automatic multi station

Stuffing systems

For medium productions


For high productions

Artificial casings

Cellulose casings

Fibrous casing


Pure cellulose

Non edible collagen casings

GVF for ripened sausages

FGV for cooked products

HUKKI casings

For ripened sausages


For bresaola


For special applications

Plastic casings



Barrier multilayer




For sterilizing

Packaging material

Shrink bags

Type ML, PVDC based


Type ML40 multilayer, EVOH based


For pasteurizing and cooking

Vacuum pouches

PA-PE pouches


Aluminium pouches


Special pouches

Barrier shrink films

Lidding applications


For flowpack machines


For thermoforming "FORMSHRINK"

Ingredients and additives

Milk derivatives

Food caseinates


Whey derivatives


Dry milk replacers



Animal proteins

Pork plasma proteins


Bovine plasma proteins

Food phosphates



Specific phosphates blends

Gelifiers / Thickening agents



Ascorbic Acid


Sodium Ascorbate

Functional blends

For row sausages


For ripened salami


For hamburger


For poultry products


For cooked hams


For natural casing treatments


For rinds treatments

Spices and flavours

Spices blends


Synthetic pepper replacer

Functional ingredients

Vegetables fibres

Wheat fibre


Corn fibre


Buckwheat fibre


Oat fibre

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